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Michele Masini


Michele Masini

Michele Masini, has thirty years of experience both in Italy and abroad, as well as a lecturer at the Chefs School Institute of Imola (Bo).
He is specialized in the Emilian art of homemade egg pasta, thanks to the close collaboration with ladies called “sfogline” (traditional pasta maker).
The traditional homemade egg pasta together with the “sfogline” are an UNESCO heritage than Michele want to put in the right light.
Michele’s aim is to continue the cuisine tradition started in the Midle Age since 1487, by the master chefs Zafirano from Bentivoglio (Bologna) the inventor of “tagliatelle”, who used them for the first time, on Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso I d’Este wedding.


Stefano Benetti

Stefano has thirty years of experience on managing restaurants. In London, he attended the courses taught by the Grand Master of Ceremonies of Royal House, as well as in Berlin and Paris.

Stefano Benetti
Luca Zuin


Luca Zuin

Luca is an expert in wines and liquors, as well as a responsible sommelier, teacher of courses for young talent.
Luca takes care on mixing the ideal wine with every dish requirement, and with his sapient knowledge is able to introduce you to the art of wine.

As whites he uses the whites of Trentino Ferrari brut, South Tyrolean Traminer, Franciacorta whites, as red wines Bolgheri blacks, Brunello di Montalcino, Amarone di Valpolicella.


Angelo Gala

Angelo Gala was born from an ancient pastry chef tradition that has been started from the early twentieth century with maternal grandparents, and has continued through the father, Master Pastry Chef Giovanni Gala, whose art has been appreciated throughout Europe up to the court of the King of Sweden.
Angelo took part in various national and international competitions, winning several of them including:

• European Cup (Paris, February 1995)
• Pabogel Trophy (Rome October 1995)
• Silver Medal Olympics of cooking and pastry (Berlin 1996)
• Gold Medal World Cup Cuisine and Pastry (Luxembourg 1998)
• Silver medal cup of the world cuisine and pastry (Luxembourg 2010)
• Gold Medal Olympics cooking and pastry (Erfurt – Germany – 2012).

Angelo has collaborated with several newspapers in the cuisine sector, and has offered advices for the research and development of new products and recipes.
He has held and runs pastry courses in various parts of the world, and he is a member of the board of the International Federation of Pastry Ice Cream and Chocolate (FIP)

Angelo Gala
Marco Steri


Marco Steri

Marco was born in Sardinia, Italy, in a small village called San Sperate, famous worldwide for its murals.

In 1993 Marco decided to move to London to gain experience of working abroad. He arrived in London at the right time when everything culinary was happening. He went to work at several Michelin star restaurants, where he gained experience of some more exotic styles of cooking.

In December 1998 Marco was introduced to 42 Berkeley Square to run the kitchen. During his time there Marco also had the opportunity of gaining further experience in other restaurants, including Chez Maxim’s in Paris.

After several years and having cooked for a considerable number of top businessmen, royalty, prime ministers and actors, Marco has produced his own signature dishes, which have been highly acclaimed by his customers.

His cooking style, whilst heavily influenced by his Italian and French background, is an eclectic mixture of traditional and modern European and Asian cuisine.

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